Dual Colour Eyeshadow

I’m really enjoying doing makeup… because it always seems to come out the way you least expect lol

There is a number 1 rule with Sims 3 makeup: TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! 😀

This is my first eyeshadow… it has two channels. I tried to go for a sparkle effect, but I don’t think I managed it XD

Instead, I got this:

Pretty pretty pretty 🙂


Only in package format for now. Please let me know if you’d like it in Sims3Pack.



14 responses to “Dual Colour Eyeshadow

  1. almost forgot. If you are willing to make it into a sims3pack I would love that. I tend to lose track of what is what when things are in packages. So on this fresh install of the game I am trying to limit my packages and use mostly sims3packs. plus it saves me from having to combine and recombine packages. 🙂

  2. Very nice work, Shyne) Look pretty, and the sparkle effect is visible, it’s like shiny dust, so gentle) I’m downloading right now)

  3. so I just had to comment again since I’ve now used this in my game. and it is just simply awesome, I especially love the way you did the channels, they are kind of blended right? I was able to make a really soft natural look eyeshadow with this for my legacy sim, and I also love that it actually looked good on her eyes. Not that she has weird eyes or anything, but alot of the time when you dl eyeshadow you find out that it only looks good on one eyeshape. I am thrilled that this is not the case here. Keep up the good work, and hooray for the custom thumbnail 🙂

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