My Signature Matte

Ok, I’ve been practicing and I think this is my best Matte so far.

It’s in both Sims3Pack format and Package format.

It is for males and females, Teen to Elder.

It has two channels. It comes up in game as 3 channels, but the 1st channel doesn’t do anything.

Finally uploaded. Thanks for all the comments guys, sorry for taking so long ❤


23 responses to “My Signature Matte

  1. thank you for making them in sims3pack, it’s very pretty, love the texture 🙂

    Is it okay if I request you retexture Peggy 610 please? I really do like it, but peggy’s textures are horrible, and I don’t want to download an alpha edit. thank you ^_^

  2. I see, you posted these pics to tease us! You knew we would want this the moment we saw, so you are making us wait, lol. I really like this alot, it will be perfect for making natural looking lips, glad you made it for males too. I guess I will be stalking your blog now til you upload these 😀

  3. This is very pretty and realistic. It is nice to have a creator that creates realistic makeup. I cannot wait for this.

    I like to make my Sims look natural in game, so I cannot wait. ♥ You are so good!

    Wonderful job.

  4. Great work!!! It looks very realistic – what I can’t tell about the other lipsticks I have in game 😉
    But where are the eyebrows from? They look great!

  5. That first picture really got me. What a charming looking face!

    Very nice matte lipsticks. The default ones of some skins don’t always look very great, and I don’t want to always use lipgloss on them either, so this really helps.

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