Realistic Contacts #2

Ok, so I sat myself back down at the drawing board. More detail, says aWT. Less saturated, says the others. Well… If you’ve been watching the development of my eyes you will have see that I reached my desired Control, but struggled to find the right texture. I think, finally, I’ve worked out how to properly design a Contact lol

They have 3 channels. In order to obtain the best results, make the 3rd channel the brightest – I used white in some instances.

Set the 2nd channel as the darkest colour, such as a brown or a dark green.

Use the 1st channel to denote the main colour of the eye, the highlight.



13 responses to “Realistic Contacts #2

  1. Hi, Shyne!
    These look great, but when I download them and go to CAS the contacts are HUGE.. (I’ve download the eyes as sims3.pack and as package file) Im probably doing something wrong x) but help?

  2. theses look great! One peice of feedback: even with light coloured eyes, there is a little bit of a dark outline IRL. And I would totally d’l a default replacement of these, too! (hint hint)

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