Realistic Contacts #2 as Default

Ok, here they are. They replace the whites too so you should be getting higher quality contacts as well 🙂

Original Contacts can be found here:

I must admit, they looked a bit funny for me at first in CAS, but once I got them in-game they look just like the contacts, just mono colour. Hope you like them 🙂

Also, does anyone want this lipstick and these eyebrows? They’re my latest concoction. I feel that the eyebrows are too high… I will continue to try. I really want some more eyebrows for my Sims lol


5 responses to “Realistic Contacts #2 as Default

  1. you made them into defaults! OMG I love these, I can’t wait to get these in my game and try them out 😀 Also, heck yeah I want that lipstick, it looks gorgeous. Now I guess I will have to stalk you til you upload it 🙂

  2. that would be helpful if I ever checked my email, lol. My version of subscribing is to bookmark sites I like, and cyber stalk them til they update 😀

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