Lipgloss Pack – From Subtle To Outrageous

Ok, so I spent the good majority of my weekend’s creativity on this pack. I tried to incorporate the upper lip as much as possible. That can sometimes be very difficult to pull off in a subtle way lol

They’re all 2 Channel, to keep them simple, so try to keep the bottom channel white 🙂

The top channel denotes the actual colour. I tried my best to make them as bright as possible.

Sorry for the small shots. If anyone really, really wants bigger shots I’ll take some 🙂


Killer Lipgloss

This lipgloss is great for really bright, really light colours.


Extra Shine

Want the really thick lipgloss look?


Extra Texture

Have your Sims look realistic, even at a distance.



Like a doll-like lipgloss?



Need I even explain what this is good for? It’s my favourite.



Go for the glamorous look – add some shimmer!



I’ve stuffed them all into one pack, being lazy and everything. Just delete the ones you don’t want 🙂

14 responses to “Lipgloss Pack – From Subtle To Outrageous

  1. Hey Shyne, these are really nice and I love the lines on the lips however in my game (in CAS) the always loo strange, like little purple lines.

    Do you have any idea why they look like that? 😀

  2. OMG! YES!!!!! I love them all. I love Killer, Glassy, and Mayhem the best. But I really do love them all. Your make-up will continue to dominate my game with these lovely new additions 😀

  3. I wonder how ur lip gloss looks on tanner/darker sims. they probably wont look right (when going for a natural color) especially my fave “killer lipgloss” since it says “This lipgloss is great for really bright, really light colours.”

    on that point how come i never see ANYONE advertise their lip gloss on different color sims to show versatility.

  4. I love these. 🙂 I don’t have any clue how long it takes to add more options to makeup – but if it’s quick and easy would there be any chance of adding more ages/genders to these? Thank you.

  5. Been looking for just the right lip gloss for my Sims all day and here I’ve stumbled onto a whole pack! Love’em :]

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