8 responses to “Simplified Doll Eyes – Contacts

  1. I love these. Can you make them defaults, or is there an easy way for me to make them into defaults? a tutorial for absolute dummies perhaps? anyway, how is your quest to make clothes coming? I love that last top, maybe something similar for teens is in the works? 🙂 also what programs do you use when you make make-up? I’ve been trying to make some eyeshadow, but I’ve yet to actually succeed lol

  2. These look really cool. I’ve been trying to make my own contacts but cant seem to get it right. if u gt time I would really appreciate it if you culd post a quick tutorial on making contacts. thanks!

    • Ah yes… as I have promised a million people I will lol
      Sure… I will get around to it some time soon. Need to perfect my own technique first. Will probably be doing so very very soon…

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