Inner Glitter – Contacts

Yes… Dark Storm Contacts are coming. I just want them to be well… perfect. Or as perfect as possible. So here are some other nice lovely contacts to keep you in tow 🙂

Pretty… shiny… lovely 🙂 And huge by my standards lol But I liked the stoned / doll / intricate look they give.

COLOUR: Keep the top swatch white, middle swatch darker and bottom swatch lighter (As per usual). Also, I’d like to thank aWT for the HQ mod. Get it here:

P.S. First Sim is Abigail. Love her new look. Ultra adaptable lol



5 responses to “Inner Glitter – Contacts

  1. WOW, how a great quality from your game. 🙂 I didn’t knew for aWT Quality Mod. 🙂
    Eyes & Models are very beautiful. 🙂 How? Due your custom eyes. 😀

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