Shynie Eyeballs – Contacts and Defaults

I decided not to upload the Yes No Maybe eyes and make them as I originally planned them to be.

Come in both Contacts and Defaults.

And yes, I will be uploading the eyebrows. For men and for women 🙂 And my new Sims are coming soon.

From now on my Contacts will feature their own whites (YES I DESIGNED MY OWN WHITES, ISN’T IS AWESOME :D) and only be 2 channels.

So keep the top swatch coloured and the bottom swatch white 🙂

Also, if the you like the black model, find her here: ❤






21 responses to “Shynie Eyeballs – Contacts and Defaults

  1. I love them! They have a really nice shine to them and help open up the eyes more. Your new whites also look really nice! It looks like you tone down the red in the corner of the eyes from your previous attempt, which I would say was a good move.

  2. oh those contacts do look lovely. I will try the defaults out. Also that red haired sim is gorgeous. Is she yours? Is she one of the sims that are coming soon? I hope so 🙂

  3. Hello Shyne! 🙂 Long time no see 😛
    How’s in future? =)
    I just had to stop by and say these eyes are wonderful!! 🙂
    Your progress is AMAZING!! 😀
    Happy Easter…or has it already passed by your time.. :/

    • Yeah the future is good, Easter was great for me yesterday. Happy Easter for you ❤ And I spent a hell of a long time, maybe a year or two, learning how to do eyes this good… so my progress had to happen sooner or later lol The thing that taught me most about contacts was when I fixed Tifa's Contacts.

  4. Hi Shyne 🙂 i’m a huge fan of your work, eyes specially. i was wondering if you could help me a little.. i want to edit a default eyes ( want to make it smaller), but i could not open it on TSRW and i do not know how, could you please tell me which program i should use and how? Thanks 😀

    • You will need to use S3PE. You can find tutorials on how to use S3PE to make Default Eyes online. Just google it. I sent you an email, as well, so I hope your provided email is valid lol

      • Hi Shyne
        got your mail 😀 thanks a bunch 😀 since i am dumb about creating stuffs; i better wait for your tutorials 😛 thanks for being so helpful and sweet
        ❤ Jay

  5. I am totally getting these in default because I don’t know how to use contacts. They are SOOOO pretty! Your hard work has definitely paid off!

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