NewSea Di-Dar Retexture

I saw Anubis do this one… forgive my obvious arrogance but I wanted to see if my new textures and technique could match up to his.

I used DABOOBS so you can have my version and anyone else’s. I love the fact that none of the MS3Blog trolls that don’t like me can comment on this… only those that bother to check my blog can see my latest hair retextures 😀



7 responses to “NewSea Di-Dar Retexture

  1. Holy *BLEEP* This looks like real friggin hair!!!! And I can have your version and say Lotus’ version at the same time in my game?? seriously? and mesh is included right? I love you ❤

    • Yes you can have Lotus’ version as well as mine 😀 And as for kiddies… I’ll try. I have SO much to do hahaha That’s the problem when you start to improve. Everyone has something they want you to do hahaha 🙂

  2. I forgot to ask, is this just the teen+up version or did you do it for kiddies too? If you didn’t do it for kiddies, will you? ❤

  3. I think I’ll try this later in my game. It looks like a nice texture, and I’d like to see how it looks with different intensity and colors. Great job!

  4. it looks lovely! although too shiny for my tastes. 🙂
    keep it up! i’m sure many people out there do love this type of texture.

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