*UPDATED* NewSea Battler Retexture

Hey guys,

I retextured this using DABOOBS and thought it came out really nice, so I decided to turf the old BRIGHTEN and RECONTROL for something a little more… Shynie.

It’s going to be featured on a Sim upload, so I needed to upload it. It’s enabled for guys as well, so you only need one package lol




9 responses to “*UPDATED* NewSea Battler Retexture

  1. wow you made it look extra “piecey” looks awesome and I can’t wait to see the sim upload, I am waiting anxiously. Your Abigail is an elder in my game now, so I need some new young shyne genetics to help beautify a somewhat ugly population 🙂

  2. This is so gorgeous! It went right into my downloads folder. But you don’t have a retexture for males, though, do you?

  3. Your textures make it look very detailed. I guess using aWT’s mod really makes it shine (no pun intended).

    Have you somehow modified the mesh a bit though? I compared Newsea’s version for male with yours by switching from one to the other, and yours is a tiny little bit larger than his. It’s not a problem really, but I’m just wondering.

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