Soft N’ Subtle Lipgloss

Download at above link.


14 responses to “Soft N’ Subtle Lipgloss

  1. Oh, I do love it. I’ll snag it as soon as I am sure Generations is running smoothly.

    Thank you for showing a wide range of colors on different skintones – so helpful!

  2. Love the lip colors. I have a question, do you take request and if so do you do conversions(ts2 to ts3 hairs)?

  3. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your beating bow gloss. It is awesome in the game. I also love your eye brows. Your hair is amazing too. Love the shinyness to your newest texture. Keep up the awesome work…obtw. I wanted to ask if it’s possible to do the hair on savio’s site. I think it’s the anto 75 for male’s only. If not…just wondered. Thanks again for your beautiful creations. Happy Simming!

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