Tired Eye Details Version #1 – Dedicated to Katsu <3

Hey everyone,

Tried to make my own eyeliner… but instead I came up with this… I do have a lovely eyeliner coming… but it’s a surprise ๐Ÿ™‚

These eyebags are one-channel eyeshadow. They can be a subtle detail like in the first picture, and just add a slight curve to the bottom of the eye. You can even make them lighter than that. Or they can make your Sim look a little tired, like in the second picture. If you go all-out and make them really dark, like the bottom picture, your Sim looks as though they are sleep deprived lol

They are for male and female, teen to elder. I hope you like the extra depth they add to the eyes ๐Ÿ˜€



11 responses to “Tired Eye Details Version #1 – Dedicated to Katsu <3

  1. These are lovely. It is so nice to know that someone actually creates facial effect makeup. You know what I mean. Pores, eyebags… not just regular makeup.

    I really like this! โ™ฅ You are wonderful Shyne

  2. I love this! You are really great at thinking outside the box with your make-ups. These are wonderful to use on the working Joe kind of Sim. I get sick of having all of my Sims either look like the scary circus clowns or barbies. I love that you are taking the Sims 3 gaming experience to a whole new level.


    ***Link doesn’t seem to be working…it says invalid URL.
    Is this just me?***

  3. Mary, these are great! I hope you continue with this face effects makeup, it is something I miss a lot on Sims 3!
    Something I would really really want to see is some nose mascaras!
    Like to define noses better. Just like the plenty we have for Sims 2.
    Usually can make decent noses, but that area miss detail in the textures.
    Take a look at the Sims 2 nose masks, I dunno hows the UV compared to Sims 3, but probably help to give you the idea! Thank you! =)

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