Cheek Pores – Teen to Elder

Hi everyone!

You’ve probably noticed that my Sims’ cheeks have been a little detailed as of late. These pores are the reason. It makes a PERFECT blusher for pale-skinned Sims. It doesn’t work so well as a blusher on Sims with darker skin, but it still adds detail if the colouring is done right.

It’s in the Blush section, 1 Channel 🙂

Here is a shot without pores. (Click to enlarge images)

And with pores.

1st Skintone is by Sage, 2nd is Watermelon’s BSF, and 3rd is Epherema’s new skin. As you can see, it looks best on pale skin.




22 responses to “Cheek Pores – Teen to Elder

  1. I like. Thank you. Keep this up we won’t need a whole new skin, your pores look so realistic. I’m gonna download. I downloaded the others you did. Thank you. Sackgirl

  2. Wow. Realistic. Can’t wait to try it ! Thanks 😉

    BTW Shyne, could I request something to you ?
    I’m working on a new poses pack, and I need sweating faces .. I’m sure you can make a make up like this ? Just, you know.. Red face, and a shining forehead, something like that.
    Hope you are interested in my demand! Thanks, keep up your great job !

      • This is so great, thanks you very much.
        I’ll check your blog ! 😀

        (Excuse my english, I’m french. I can do stupid errors when I don’t read myself before posting ..)

  3. Hi!
    all of your creations are amazing and this is one of my favorite
    thank you som much.
    maybe you can check out my new sims 3 blog and let me know what you think?

  4. Thanks Shyne! Love the look it gives. Keep up the awesome work, you are growing by leaps and bounds as a creator.

  5. Thanks for sharing all your great sims stuff! Hope you won’t mind, but whats the hair used on the last female model? The one with the short hair? Again, loving your work 🙂

  6. LOVE this blush. It adds just the right touch of realism to make skins look less plastic-y and more real. Was wondering if you’d do something similar to cover the entire face, instead of just the cheeks?

    Thanks for making this!

  7. Shiny Shyne, these are so cool. U know I was reading(comments) on the hair u released lately at the sims3blogspot. All I can say is damn those trolls claiming that u whine. I guess since ur keeping it real and expressing how u really feel is something that they can’t do in real life or see it as a weakness too. And then some1 had the audacity to say this is the “internet” I mean it’s convenient to say tht but isn’t that how most of us communicate now these days? So them saying ‘ohh this is the internet dont expect anything from us’ is really irrelevant.

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