19 responses to “Peggy #757 Retexture – Male & Female

  1. Cute! I really love your textures combined with pooklets. I fell in love with the recent texture you did for me. Thanks. ♥

    And Sydney looks gorgeous in that hair.

  2. What an awesome retexture ❤
    I love this messy hair.
    Also, if you have time.. can you please retexture it for child&toddlers please 😉 Thank you, Shyne

  3. can you tell me how to properly download this hair? because somehow when I downloaded it, the zipfile came. But when i clicked on it, all that appeared was strange writing. What should I do??? Is it a donation file?

    P.S nice job on the hair! 😀
    wish i could download it.

    • Thanks hun 🙂 Ok, I think the problem is that you’re not downloading the file properly, maybe because of your connection. Try downloading it using a different internet connection. If you still have the same problem you can email me and I’ll email you the file so you can download it from there 🙂

  4. omg how did i miss that hair =) it suits ur way of textures very very much. Great job, i like how you have a different way from all other hair re-texture-ers =DD

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