Sydney – A Man’s Man

Click the image to enlarge ❤


Skin: DEFAULT By Ephemera (

Eyes: CONTACTS By Me (

Hair: By Me (

Eyebrows: By Me (

Eyeliner: By Me (

Blush: By Me (

Lips: By Me (

Necklace: By Lemonleaf (Will link later)

Open Shirt: By IN3S ( – thanks for this, hun. It’s gorgeous.

You may need Generations & Late Night.

Sliders used were aWT’s Eye Sliders (

Facial Sliders (

Hermi’s Lip Slider (


7 responses to “Sydney – A Man’s Man

  1. Oh my God Shyne he is delicious. He has such a pretty face. I like him a lot. His nose and mouth are really cute.

    I would say upload him too, but you know what, sometimes I make a sim, and you just want to keep them for yourselves for a little while. Well i get like that with my boy sims, girl sims. I don’t mind sharing. Hope that came out right. But he is a cutie.

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