Crystalline Lipgloss

Candy Lover wanted me to do another lipgloss… it’s so hard to make unique onces these days…

This is 2 channels, for teen to elder. Female only.



12 responses to “Crystalline Lipgloss

  1. you’re amazing! your work is incredible! I love your makeup and eyes

    by the way, the model with the red hair, where’s her eye makeup from?

  2. wow O_O why haven’t I noticed this in your blog until today, man I’m so blind. This is superb! gorgeous and so are the models<3 Thanks for sharing. Keep up your good work ^^

  3. You are a very talented young lady, I go for realism in my sims game, so I almost always check your site to see what new goodies you have posted up….This lipstick is fabulous, my favorite, well I pretty much love all your lipsticks to be honest, but this one is fabulous hands down. So I thought I would just say I appreciate your work and look forward to more…Oh and I love the acne skintone also…so realistic in game….Thanks again.

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