Shave (Femme Hawk Fatale) Store Rexture

I redid this @ C-Styles:



31 responses to “Shave (Femme Hawk Fatale) Store Rexture

  1. Helle, thanks to posted a nice comment on my blog. I saw you are a beginner, as me lol. I begin to learn how to create, mesh, but all tutorials are in english and my first language is french so it’s not really easy for me. Just one detail, i was unable to find a profile contact on you blog but i add your blog to my list now ( you really make good work with hair, thanks).

    • You’re welcome, I was really impressed by the accuracy of your Sim. I am TERRIBLE at making Sims… mine all end up looking the same and are very pudding hahahaha
      Oh and bonjour, cava? I only speak that much French, so you are a lot smarter than me already to speak this much English! If you ever want help with hair or anything, I’d be happy to spend the time to teach you. It is just practice. Not everything turns out good. This is one of the few retextures of mine that actually turned out nicely 🙂

  2. Hello, thanks for your answer :-). Ok, so you have skills and me other one. To learn how to create ( bridges and waterfall for example), how to mesh and convert, i try to use youtube because plenty of guys put video tutorial, so it’s easyer for me to learn how to do. BUT ! i didn’t find anywhere, how to create hair, or how to modify the one in the game using for example milkshape, tsr workshop, 3DS max etc.. I think that people don’t want to share this information lol. So, if you have time to send me a technical basis, ok, i’ll be very very very glad 🙂

    Here in France it’s the night 11:07 pm so… good envening.

    Canelline ( Beatrice).

  3. So, I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded a .. ‘punk-ish’ hairstyle before, although I also don’t download hairs longer than the boobs (it kinda looks silly when they’re that long, imo) BUT ANYWAY! I downloaded this, because it looks awesome. I might make a punk sim just for this hair.

    Also .. What in gods name does pudding mean, other than the delicious dessert? I thought it referenced to chubby sims .. o_O And my Sims always look the same as well. I think it’s hard to make Sims look too different in TS3. And I’m rambling. Goody.

    To sum it up, Shyne, this hair is rad. So are the others, but I told myself not to download too much, or my game will implode with too much CC. =]

  4. Shyne,
    Will you be uploading that retexture of the two low ponytails posted on MS3B a few days back? I think quite a few of us wanted it… If you are worried about space maybe you could make it available for a limited time?

  5. Wow. Your textures are the best. I am so happy you did this hair.

    And the piercings on your first sim picture, on her right ear, what piercings are those? And your second sim picture, her earrings are bigger aren’t they? Whose earrings are those?

  6. Hey…this hairstyle looks really awesome…but i really need to aks you an question…I need this hairstyle for males…really….i want to mak an Korean Idol sim and he got the same airstyle as this is….so pleeease mad one for males.I would do it by myself but i dont know how =(


    I just had a gigglefit. Thank you for this — and clearly, I’m remiss in my setting-sims-on-fire duties, so I’ll just take this and…

  8. Hi Sweetie…Thanks so much for re-texturing that hair for me. That was the most wonderful surprise. Can’t wait to see the new Peggy one you said you were gonna work on… 😉 You are a real dear friend. ~~Robin

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