NewSea Gantz Male Retexture

Sorry guys… I paid for this mesh so I can’t share the mesh, but if you place this retexture into your Override folder and grab the mesh elsewhere, you can have my retexture in your game πŸ™‚ (There used to be a tutorial on how to do it but aWT killed his site lol Not to worry, I will email him and ask him to email me the Override tutorial so I can host it here)




3 responses to “NewSea Gantz Male Retexture

  1. Great job Shyne! It looks fantasic! πŸ˜€
    Oh and you don’t need the aWT’s override method, I don’t use it and my retextures show up fine. I guess it depends from game to game and if you had been playing NewSea’s version first, though.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ But NewSea and I spoke about Donation hairs, and he requested that I use the Override method if I wanted to retexture them publicly. Thing is, sometimes textures can clash if you don’t use the Override method and just place them in your Packages folder… :S

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