Child Jeans

Hey guys,

Found a nice texture for jeans… didn’t come out that awesome but practice is practice. Hope you enjoy. They’re unisex, for kids only.





3 responses to “Child Jeans

  1. Shyne, I didn’t know how else to contact you so hopefully you get this comment. You made some eyes way back called Dark Storm. I put the default version in my game the moment I saw them, and haven’t switched to new eyes yet! {insert moar I LOVE THESE EYES type sentences here}.

    Long story short, it appears you removed them from you site a long time ago….was there a reason why? I use the default eyes with all of my sims. I kind of feel bad for displaying them since they can’t be downloaded. So anyway you can pretty, pretty please with sugar on top reupload them so I can fully credit you?

    Or, is it okay to go ahead and include them with my sim?


    • It’s absolutely fine for you to include any of my content, I don’t even care about credit lol But here’s the link in my Mediafire folder for my Dark Storm Defaults
      To be honest I think I might make a V2 so that I can re-host them on my site. I didn’t realize anyone liked them lol 😉
      I STILL need to update this blog as well, heaps of my stuff is just sitting over @ C-Styles lol 🙂 Thanks for contacting me Daluved, and thank you for making such amazing content for my Sims 😀 ❤

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