Restless Reflection Contacts, Silky Eyebrows, BlueBelle Lipstick

Hey guys,

These photos are not altered, they are in-game. They do not use the HQ mod or the Eyeball Sliders 🙂

Haven’t updated for a while with anything awesome… so here’s some more make-up for you Shyne junkies 🙂

Contacts: 3 Channels – Top channel is the eye whites, middle channel is the darker parts of the eye, bottom channel is the lighter parts of the eye. For Teen – Elder, male & female.


Eyebrows: For Teen – Elder, male & female.


Lipstick: 3 Channels – Top Channel is the lightest part of the lips, I set it to white. Middle channel is the darkest part of the lips, and bottom channel is the main colour of the lips. Teen – Elder, Male & Female.