Glamorous Eyeliner

The picture shows in order of varying opacity – first picture is 100% opacity, second picture is 50% opacity, and last picture is close to 1%. It’s a very thick eyeliner 🙂



Restless Reflection Contacts, Silky Eyebrows, BlueBelle Lipstick

Hey guys,

These photos are not altered, they are in-game. They do not use the HQ mod or the Eyeball Sliders 🙂

Haven’t updated for a while with anything awesome… so here’s some more make-up for you Shyne junkies 🙂

Contacts: 3 Channels – Top channel is the eye whites, middle channel is the darker parts of the eye, bottom channel is the lighter parts of the eye. For Teen – Elder, male & female.


Eyebrows: For Teen – Elder, male & female.


Lipstick: 3 Channels – Top Channel is the lightest part of the lips, I set it to white. Middle channel is the darkest part of the lips, and bottom channel is the main colour of the lips. Teen – Elder, Male & Female.


Cheek Pores – Teen to Elder

Hi everyone!

You’ve probably noticed that my Sims’ cheeks have been a little detailed as of late. These pores are the reason. It makes a PERFECT blusher for pale-skinned Sims. It doesn’t work so well as a blusher on Sims with darker skin, but it still adds detail if the colouring is done right.

It’s in the Blush section, 1 Channel 🙂

Here is a shot without pores. (Click to enlarge images)

And with pores.

1st Skintone is by Sage, 2nd is Watermelon’s BSF, and 3rd is Epherema’s new skin. As you can see, it looks best on pale skin.




Tired Eye Details Version #1 – Dedicated to Katsu <3

Hey everyone,

Tried to make my own eyeliner… but instead I came up with this… I do have a lovely eyeliner coming… but it’s a surprise 🙂

These eyebags are one-channel eyeshadow. They can be a subtle detail like in the first picture, and just add a slight curve to the bottom of the eye. You can even make them lighter than that. Or they can make your Sim look a little tired, like in the second picture. If you go all-out and make them really dark, like the bottom picture, your Sim looks as though they are sleep deprived lol

They are for male and female, teen to elder. I hope you like the extra depth they add to the eyes 😀


REALipstick – Male and Female, Teen to Elder (Dedicated to CeceSuan)

Tired of those weird looking, unnatural lips on some skin tones? Sick of seeing your men sport unattractive, feminine glosses? Well look no further… REALipstick is here! Override any unappealing underlip, from Teen to Elder, and both genders.

P.S. This is for you, Cece, and the hours upon hours I searched for this… and learned how to design it 🙂


Big Pack of the Month – Peggy #739 Retexture, Subtle Channel Eyeshadow, Baby Love Lipgloss ^_^

Hey guys! Miss me? I’ve been so busy with other peoples’ blogs and forums… I haven’t spent much time here. But I’m back with a vengeance! Hope you like 🙂

Subtle Channel Eyeshadow

3 Channels – Female only.


Peggy #739 Retexture

What can I say… I love boobs. Ah… I mean bobs. Yeah, bobs.


Baby Love Lip Gloss

Because I love you baby. Keep the top channel lightest (white) and middle channel red. Bottom channel adds subtle colour :).