NewSea Britney Retexture

Hey my dears!

Click the picture for a larger view 🙂

When I get over doing make-up I take a break and do hair retextures… I’m going through all the NewSea hairs on the Booty…

This little gem… I’m surprised I never saw this mesh before. Please enjoy 🙂 (You can have my version and anyone else’s).


*UPDATED* NewSea Battler Retexture

Hey guys,

I retextured this using DABOOBS and thought it came out really nice, so I decided to turf the old BRIGHTEN and RECONTROL for something a little more… Shynie.

It’s going to be featured on a Sim upload, so I needed to upload it. It’s enabled for guys as well, so you only need one package lol


NewSea Di-Dar Retexture

I saw Anubis do this one… forgive my obvious arrogance but I wanted to see if my new textures and technique could match up to his.

I used DABOOBS so you can have my version and anyone else’s. I love the fact that none of the MS3Blog trolls that don’t like me can comment on this… only those that bother to check my blog can see my latest hair retextures 😀