Luke Tyler

So sorry to make you wait this long, Q. I’ve had a few things going on at home and I’m just exhausted from real life…

I have finally gotten round to uploading this gorgeous guy! Click on the images for a larger view 🙂


Ephemera’s latest default skin.
Escands oh my eyes contacts
Arisukas face contouring and defining makeup
Ulker male hair 1
Everyday,formal and athletic top – Pets EP
Everyday and Formal pants rat bastard jeans by Aikea Guinea
Everyday and formal shoes – Late Night EP
Sleepwear top – Basegame
Sleepwear bottoms junk defaults by Kitty Klan
Athletic pants – Basegame
Athletic shoes – Basegame
Swimwear summer shorts by Juliana


Ethan Walker by Q-Girl

ZOMG ladies… we have a new man in town… His name is Ethan, and he is available for download!!! Click on image for larger view.

Who can resist those gorgeous blue eyes? And that smile! What a guy 😉









Skintone CStyles October Exclusive Acne enhanced face skintone
Everyday, Athletic, Formal hair bundled up beanie EA Store
Swimwear and sleepwear hair bohodacious bangs EA Store
Blusher Shynes Cheek Pores
Lipstick Shynes My Signature Matte
Facial hair Kitty Klan Chinstrap default
Eyeshadow Kitty Klan eye baggage


Everyday top One Billion Pixels layered shirts V2
Everyday and formal pants Darko sims denim shorts
Everyday Shoes I’m not sure where these are from but I’ll keep looking for them
Formal top darko sims denim shirt
Formal shoes SAU Hightops
Socks are basegame
Sleepwear top basegame t-shirt
Sleepwear pants kitty klan junk
Athletic top Generations EP
Athletic pants Town life ep
Ahtletic Shoes Basegame
Swimwear Summer shorts Julianafraga


Ahmads facial sliders
jonha’s 10 body sliders


saved sim

Shyanne Jackson by Q-Girl

Hey everyone! Q-Girl and myself have merged, so I will also be featuring a lot of her work here as well. Please make sure she feels welcome 🙂

Here is her first Sim for download, Shyanne Jackson.



Sleepwear – Ernhn The Queen Lingerie
Sleepwear shoes – Lilisims (pg 7 first pair)
Everyday skirt – Icia23’s destroyed denim mini
Everyday top – Sims2fanbg Love will find a way top
Formal dress – Saliwa’s Lace cocktail dress 2
Formal shoes – Late Night EP
Athletic pants – LorandiaSims3’s Adidas Capris
Athletic top – Lorandiasims3 Under Armour #129
Swimwear – Hasel Blow sleepwear and swimwear
Athletic shoes – Hasel Tiger shoes
Everyday shoes – Gosik Multi buckle Sandals for adults
Hair – Newsea Shero Female
Skin – Ephemera  ESkin Default AYF FV2
Eyeliner – Pralinesims Classic Eyeliner
Lipgloss – Shyne Playing Beatie Bow
Blush – Shyne cheek pores
Eyeshadow – LadyFrontBum Candycrush

Ahamds Facial slider
Jonha’s 10 body sliders
Delphys Adjustable Breast Slider
AWT’s Jawline and Brow sliders
Hermi’s slider lip shape